Rasa Jansone, “Your Foot on My Hand Always Raphael I,” 2023 Your Foot on My Hand; Always Raphael I 2023 Collage. Cut outs from magazines, print, oil on plywood 250 x 180 x 7 cm


ALMA is proud to present new large–scale collages by latvian artist RASA JANSONE titled Your Foot on My Hand; Always, Raphael (2023). It can be read as a commentary on the role and position of women throughout history and (unfortunately) in contemporary society.

« I allow for the reading of this title as a joke and a tease. (…) I hope there’s an element of defiance in my collages – I sharpen my scissors and jump right at Raphael himself. I place myself next to him. It is laughably absurd to the point of desperation. »

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