House of Miracles

Oji Haynes, “3 African American Men,” 2022


HOUSE OF MIRACLES, INC. is the collaborative studio and creative practice of artists B. Thom Stevenson and Jason S. Wright, where water, earth’s life force, is the keystone in a mission to shift perspectives toward the good in the world, the Miraculous. Working at the intersection of beverage and fashion, Miracle Seltzer and Miracle Water are the foundation for a lifestyle brand that provides a platform for artists and their communities through clothing, exhibitions, and activations while delighting in the Miracles that are happening around us every day.

On the occasion of NADA Miami, HOUSE OF MIRACLES, INC. and NADA are pleased to announce Oji Haynes as the recipient of the third edition of The Miracle Seltzer Artist Grant. The Miracle Seltzer Artist Grant allocates funds to an emerging artist working across any range of media.

Haynes is a Brooklyn-based fine arts image maker and director. Pulling inspirations from music, art, and the history of Black aesthetics in America, his work aims to put the Black figure at the forefront of his frame giving his lens, viewer, and the world a sense of rich artistic intimacy.

“Every time I conceive a new image into fruition I believe that to be a miracle. There is something magic about creating a single photograph that has been in my head for weeks or months at a time. Seeing it in print for the first time is a complete and utter miracle for me” says Haynes.



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