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Rahn Marion


Ecce Homo, which translates to “Behold The Man,” reclaims the ideas of spirituality and salvation within Black masculinity.The work features religious iconography, architecture and tapestry, juxtaposed with sensual queer figures. The work challenges notions of orthodoxy by placing Black queer men as the central figures in Eurocentric Christian narratives. The paintings combine bold colors with traditional muted tones to blend contemporary and historical techniques. Through surreal but corporeal paintings [Ecce Homo] creates a new pantheon of queer icons.

Rahn Marion was born in Memphis, Tennessee in September 1993. He attended MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland. Majoring in Painting, with a concentration in Film. As a young working artist, Rahn has found jobs that keep him in close proximity to the arts scene in Memphis. He’s worked at a local family owned frame shop, always staying arms length to creative jobs that support or inspire his work. He has worked as production personnel for other artists on commission. He is the Minister of Art, and Resident with First Congregational Church and is responsible for the production and installation of liturgical sanctuary art, he also keeps his private artist studio at the church. Rahn’s work puts him in a forward-facing role in the arts community in Memphis.



Email: [email protected]