Jonathan Hopson Gallery


Lois Dodd, “Seated Nude in Wheelbarrow,” 2000


Jonathan Hopson Gallery resides in a restored 1914 craftsman bungalow in Houston, Texas, United States.

We are proud to present a curation of artists for the 20th edition of NADA Miami:

Debra Barrera, Chelsea Culprit, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Julie DeVries, Lois Dodd, Cheryl Donegan, Shana Hoehn, Juliana Huxtable, Lisa Lapinski, Emily Peacock, Mia Sandhu

From different generations, cultural backgrounds and modes of working, these women reimagine the art historical canon by unraveling the imposed temporal natures of their existence and create new timescapes through defiance and power.

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