Image of artwork titled "Simple Pleasures" by Miko  Veldkamp

Miko Veldkamp, Simple Pleasures, 2022
Oil, acrylic and ink on canvas
48 × 30 inches

Miko Veldkamp’s paintings blend personal memories from the US, the Netherlands and Suriname, in colourful amalgamations of softened visuals. While reminiscent of Les Nabis and Expressionism, his works escape the colonial gaze, redefining notions of joy, suffering, the civilised and wild, and playing with cultural markers and stereotypes to ensure a multiplicity of perspectives, based on Veldkamp’s own multicultural background. Using shadows, patterns and repetitions, the paintings at once depict everyday scenes and fantastical worlds, to examine fluid, boundary-crossing cultural selves, history and belonging, as well as colonialism and capitalism, through the lens of his personal identity.



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