Image of artwork titled "Der Schrittmacher" by Christina Kruse
Image of artwork titled "Der Schrittmacher" by Christina Kruse

Christina Kruse, Der Schrittmacher, 2021
Plaster, wax, soapstone
22.5 × 12 × 10 inches

From her Plasterheads series. Jonathan Goodman wrote on this series: “Seen from several angles, the work maintains a hieratic abstraction; the tension between the abstract forms and the suggestion of figuration results in a sculpture that is powerfully mixed in its affiliations Kruse is best described as an abstract artist; her command of form, for its own sake, is cogent and smart. And her skill, understood from another angle, presents a coherent view of abstraction, indebted to the modernism of the previous century, In a time when social rhetoric is dominating expression, the artist articulates a vision in which her forms are self-sufficient, free of a stance. They construct a world in which the visual advances according to its own priorities, without conceding a lot to the actual world



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