Fuyuhiko Takata, Love Phantom, 2017
single channel video with sound, 1min.
Ed.10 (A.P.2)

Ed.1-2 : SOLD
Ed.3 : 800 USD
*The price will step up after Ed.4

A short video work of less than one minute - or rather, a video sketch that depicts a few seconds from a scene. Something resembling a heart or a soul pokes out of the chest of a high school boy who has dozed off on a train. There is a game that Japanese boys sometimes play, involving a simple trick where they put one arm inside their clothes and repeatedly make it pop out and go back inside to surprise people. This work emerged out of the artist’s desire to transform this sort of prank into something more romantic.
The video is interrupted by a scene where he uses his “tentacles” to flirt with another high school boy sitting next to him.


Website: waitingroom.jp

Email: [email protected]