Image of artwork titled "Everything Flows – interval" by Yuko  Mohri
Image of artwork titled "Everything Flows – interval" by Yuko  Mohri

Yuko Mohri, Everything Flows – interval, 2018
HD Digital
Edition of 6

The series of Everything Flows show a sequence of various things swaying, such as the top of trees, balloons and plastic bags. All, appearing at first glance to be totally different, is actually interconnected — as Mohri says, these scenes cut out from ordinary life by the hands of the artist invite viewers to sense invisible elements and its flow always surrounding us.
In this piece, the artist uses only extracted scenes of something sawing from a Dziga Vertov’s documentary film Man with a Movie Camera (1929) which recorded the daily life in Russia with its people through a camera. Viewers not only find the mood of Russia at that time but also the water or the wind filmed in 1920 which remain same with ones in today. The documentary was made when Russian Avant-Garde has been appeared in response to the Russian Revolution. Mohri has great interest in this art movement, which tends to head to simple expression, in pursuit of renovation.



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