Image of artwork titled "Chromie Squiggles (Slinky)" by Snowfro

Snowfro, Chromie Squiggles (Slinky), 2020
10,000 unique editions

Chromie Squiggle #248 is a Slinky Chromie Squiggle. One of 6 possible visual types, Slinky Chromie Squiggles possess a ribbed quality with thin cylindrical rings formulating their undulating frame. The distinctive 3-dimensional effect is punctuated by solid circles of changing color positioned at the apex of each turn. Aptly named for their similarity to a nostalgic childhood toy ­– a slinky­– these Squiggles showcase both the clean geometric forms and keen sense of playfulness inherent to the project. 11% of minted Chromie Squiggles are Slinky. Collection of Snowfro.


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