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The Valley


Amelia Lockwood, “double sun match,” 2021. Ceramic, glaze, 16 x 27 x 15 inches. Photo courtesy of the artist and The Valley, Taos.

The Valley presents new works by Aron John Dubois and Amelia Lockwood, two of the gallery’s core artists. Both artists prioritize intuition in their practice, allowing forms to come forward from a primal and subconscious vocabulary of symbols, energy, and motion. This intuitive work is often surprising, raw, and sometimes hostile, swirling with mysteries cosmic and terrestrial. Together, Dubois’ works on paper and Lockwood’s ceramic sculptures give viewers a sense of tuning in with an esoteric mode of communication between human beings and our energetic surroundings in the natural world.

Artist Bio(s)


Website: www.thevalleytaos.com

Email: [email protected]