Shoot the Lobster

New York & Los Angeles

Lucy Fradkin, “Sun, Moon, Love, Earth II,” 2019, acrylic gouache, collage, pencil on paper, 18 × 18 inches


Shoot The Lobster is pleased to present a solo presentation of work by Lucy Fradkin. Fradkin’s gouache on paper drawings portray single figures and duos in domestic spaces. Inspired by Indian miniature painting, Fradkin sometimes accompanies her figures with objects culled from field guides and vintage home catalogs: peppering her whimsical style with incongruous realism and detail. Prominently featured will be her Loving Series, a suite of works depicting couples in mixed race relationships like Fradkin herself, whose Jamaican-American partner Arthur Simms is concurrently on view at Martos.

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Email: [email protected]