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YU NISHIMURA, “am5,” 2021, oil on canvas, 23.86 × 28.62 inches

Our booth will feature works by artists born around the 80s: Yu Nishimura, Daichi Takagi, Anders Dickson and Michi Suwa. When the fear of the unknown comes and we must stay put until the darkness is over, we become nostalgic for the environment that used to be around us. Experiencing hardship lets us attune to the pain of others, and when the light slowly comes back, we feel grateful for our surroundings and connections with others. Through the various worldviews by each artist, we hope we can re-examine and share what it is that reminds us of the warmth of the people and environment.

Artist Bio(s)


Website: www.kayokoyuki.com/en

Email: [email protected]