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Tsutomu Shimomura, “Anatomías,“ 2021

4649 (f. 2017) is a curatorial project and gallery in Sugamo, Tokyo run by artists Yuhei Kobayashi, Shogo Shimizu and Yuu Takamizawa. 4649’s on-site programme focuses on exhibitions with emerging, international artists to introduce their work to the Tokyo art scene. 4649 also participates in off-site projects, exhibiting Tokyo- based artists internationally. Recent exhibitions include “Contrastissimo” (2020), Pina Vienna (2020), Ella Fleck and Tabitha Steinberg (2020), Alex Dolan and Jasper Spicero (2019), MX Gallery (2019), presentations at NADA Miami Project Booth (2018, 2019) and more.

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Website: 4-6-4-9.jp

Email: [email protected]