Image of artwork titled "e-66 Venus" by Jiang Cheng
Image of artwork titled "e-66 Venus" by Jiang Cheng

Jiang Cheng, e-66 Venus, 2020
Oil on canvas
36.4 × 29.5 inches

The works of Beijing-based painter Jiang Cheng reflect an abiding commitment to exploring the procedural and psychological codes of portraiture. Trained at both the China Academy of Art and the University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, the artist’s practice is rooted in a trans-historical dialectic between plural cultural and aesthetic dictates. Executed in a single session without recourse to self-correction, Jiang’s hallucinatory, fluid and process-based paintings of faces–often cropped to detach from codes of legible race and gender–assertively repudiate a dyadic apprehension
of seemingly partitioned coordinates: the aleatoric and pensively controlled, apparent and abstracted, singular and multiple, masculine and feminine–all the while synthesizing a unique assembly of Eastern and Western genealogies of outline
and gesture.

Jiang Cheng (b. 1985, Quzhou, China) lives and works in Beijing, China. Solo exhibitions include: “U,” currently on view at Downs & Ross, New York (2021); “U,” AIKE, Shanghai (2020); “Vertigo,” A+ Contemporary, Shanghai (2019); “Post
Meridiem,” A+ Contemporary, Shanghai. Jiang Cheng’s paintings have been presented in group exhibitions including: “The Man of the Crowd,” AIKE, Shanghai (2020); “Qubeiping: Beijing Spring,” Ying Space, Beijing (2017); “The Dilemmas of Painting,” A+ Contemporary, Beijing (2017); “LA CHAIR,” A+ Contemporary, Shanghai (2016); “Rundgang,” The Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin (2011); “Young Artists Group Exhibition,” Uferhallen Kulturstandort, Berlin (2011). The artist completed his MFA at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK Berlin) in 2012,
and received his BA from China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, in 2008.



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