Image of artwork titled "From the series Personal vocation" by Lesia      Khomenko

Lesia Khomenko, From the series Personal vocation, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
63 × 47 × 1 inches

Another work by Lesia Khomenko from the series “Personal Vocation” is presented. “Personal Vocation” is the term of Hryhoriy Skovoroda, who was an idealist philosopher and believed that everyone has a tendency to a certain type of work and that happiness lies in the cause to which a person has a natural inclination. Lesia actualizes this notion today and tries to introduce it into the field of critical discourse, to contrast it with the still relevant notion of “alienated labor” according to Marx. The figures of the workers are inscribed in the format of the canvases in such a way that the picture seems to be “tight” for them. The legs are on the edge of the picture, the head is pressed into the corner. Sometimes, the head does not fit at all. Such a formal method for the artist is a metaphor for the social and economic conditions, in which workers must work today.



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