Image of artwork titled "From the «Lesia Khomenko and Her School» series" by Lesia Khomenko

Lesia Khomenko, From the «Lesia Khomenko and Her School» series, 2018
acrylic on biflex
82 × 57 × 1 inches

For her series, Lesia Khomenko collaborated with students from Kyiv Academy of Media Arts’ ‘Contemporary Art’ course, where she is a tutor. Yet it is difficult to call this joint effort a collaboration, since the artist works from photographs that were sent by her students in response to her request. She didn’t directly involve them in the process. Throughout this process, Khomenko studies her own identity and identities of young artists. While working with their portraits, the artist transforms her attitude towards her students: instead of analyzing them as young artists subjects, which are in the same coordinate system as her, Khomenko objectifies them, relying not on her personal opinion, but solely on the images that they have sent.



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