Image of artwork titled "Daughters of the Crown series, installation" by Evita Tezeno

Evita Tezeno, Daughters of the Crown series, installation, 2020
mixed media collage and acrylic on ragboard

In this series initiated at the height of the pandemic, Tezeno uses symbolism to create narratives that depict the same Black woman grappling with a variety of emotions experienced living in such extraordinary times. In one work, the figure is pictured protectively holding a home close to her bosom, seen as a form of sheltering in place. In another, her character is portrayed holding an hourglass – measuring the passage of time, where hours extend to days, weeks, and months. A third depicts the woman holding an open box of butterflies, representing transformation, hope, and beauty amid everything that has happened. Set against painted, textured backgrounds of rich blues, greens and reds, these figures convey directness and strength.



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