Image of artwork titled "Reset America" by Carole Harris

Carole Harris, Reset America, 2021
Commercially printed cottons, linen, nylon, wool, bleach, muslin, embroidery floss, with cotton batting
23.5 × 18.5 × 1.75 inches

This work is framed, museum glass.

Carole Harris is a fiber artist who has redefined and subverted the basic concepts of quilting to suit her own purposes. She extends the boundaries of traditional quilting by exploring other forms of stitchery, irregular shapes, textures, materials and objects. Carole is captivated by the interplay of hue and pattern, often drawing inspiration from the color, energy, movement, and rhythms of ethnographic textiles she collects, as well as the music of, and changing rhythms and history of the city of Detroit where she lives.



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