Image of artwork titled "Ancient itch" by Neha Vedpathak
Image of artwork titled "Ancient itch" by Neha Vedpathak

Neha Vedpathak, Ancient itch, 2021
Hand plucked Japanese handmade paper, acrylic paint
17 × 17 inches

Vedpathak’s upbringing in India has played a vital role in shaping her understanding and approach as an artist. Growing up, rituals and meditation were a prevalent part of her life. In 2009, Vedpathak invented a technique she calls plucking, where she separates the fibers of Japanese handmade paper using a tiny pushpin. The resultant paper resembles lace fabric, which she then uses to create individual works. The plucked paper is also saturated with paint, sewn, and collaged to create a single complete work. Plucking is a slow and repetitive process that Vedpathak embraces as a form of meditation. Neha Vedpathak currently lives and maintains a studio in Detroit.



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