Image of artwork titled "AUTODESIRE: Aliensexual 1" by Lauren Wy

Lauren Wy, AUTODESIRE: Aliensexual 1, 2021
Oil wax crayon on hand-dyed, hand-cut 150lb Arches oil paper
9.5 × 13 × 0.5 inches

AUTODESIRE is a saga: a collection of 232 drawings that work together as a new manifesto on the darker iteration of figural abstraction. AUTODESIRE 1 and 2 together form 10 chapters: 236 bone-white wooden books that each contain a rich painting/memory on folding panels. Wy uses traditional bookmaking techniques to make a meta-object that is both book and painting, sculpture and drawing, performance and novel.

Chapter 5 is titled Aliensexual. Scene: Silverlake; The year of the mudflood. There isn’t anything to be lost from wild abandon, except for maybe your center: your sense of balance and the foundations of your neurotransmitters. Every night the ghost of the Parallax comes to pet your left leg and you let them touch you. Every night your body splits into a multiplicity, its multiplicity fuses with the multiplicity of the multiple multiplicities of all the other entities and collectively they form the stickiness on the dance floor. The Odalisque convulses in ecstasy, her milk is drunk by all the nearby Butterflies.



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