Samson Projects

On view in Boston, MA


a collaboration for NADA MIAMI
12.1—12.5 / 2020 X

I'm so tired and Frustrated. I'm getting screamed at for/with no reason. What causes the room to Shutter? (JOE WARDWELL = @joe_wardwell) The irrationality is appalling. ¿How do we learn from Trauma? (DANIELA RIVERA = How does my body attenuate the Daylight, no less an Homage even, arrived/brought through knowing I could be Auctioned? (STEVE LOCKE =@svlocke) The Caught! (ANDY LI = @radandyli) The Disappeared {los desaparecidos; see Argentina} in the
Construction of life & death. (JEFF PERROTT = I want to Tell you something. (SUARA WELITOFF = @suara.welitoff) BUT, I can't or won't and don't. Repeatedly. You want a Revelation, or a Song? (ROSIE RANAURO = @redladybluelady).

some reading (light), as in weighty not the opposite of dark:
• The Tragedy of the Commons, Garrett Hardin
• The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn
• A Poetics of the Undercommons, Fred Moten



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