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On view in Beacon, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Jenny Morgan at JDJ, Garrison, NY

For NADA 2020, Mother Gallery and JDJ will present three collaborative exhibitions of artists from each gallery’s program on the east and west coasts. Please visit https://mothergallery.art for more information.

Jenny Morgan’s diaphanous paintings are inhabited by hyper-realistic figures that ebb in and out of focus, sometimes merging into landscape or diffusing gently into a painterly fog. Her newest work draws inspiration from medieval painting, historical landscape, and uses symbolism to expand on the idea of ‘heaven on earth.’ These works examine the elemental relationship between human connection, collective power, and the natural world.

Daniel Giordano relates the found materials that make up his sculptures to recollections from his lived experience, transposing biographical reference into physical form. Working mainly in sculpture, his work can include everything from urinal cakes to Dior lipstick. Giordano is engaged in serious cultural play, braiding the ludicrous and the profound.

Chie Fueki’s mixed media paintings offer refractions of shimmering light, while delineated figures emerge from sparkling, jewel-like explosions and floral code. These ceremoniously built compositions on mulberry paper draw on roots of historical reference as disparate as the utopian grid and bijinga painting.

Adam Amram’s paintings are best characterized by their brilliant color space and fantastical narratives, which contemplate the challenges of life and relish in the remarkability of existence.

Ed Templeton is known for his black-and-white photographs of people and street life, intimate portraits of his wife and friends, and an understated suite of paintings focused on suburbia. The selection of photographs in our presentation are from his “Teenage Kissers” series, which Templeton has been shooting for over two decades. The two BW photographs are unique with washes of paint applied directly onto the print.


Website: mothergallery.art

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Chie Fueki at Mother Gallery, Beacon, NY
Chie Fueki and Daniel Giordano at Mother Gallery, Beacon, NY
Install at JDJ + Mother, Los Angeles, CA
Ed Templeton and Adam Amram at JDJ + Mother, Los Angeles, CA