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On view in Mérida, Mexico

Leo Mock, installation view, Mérida, Mexico

M+B is pleased to announce our participation in NADA Miami 2020 with a solo presentation of new paintings by Leo Mock. The work can be viewed in-person at the artist’s studio in Mérida, Mexico from December 1–5, 2020.

Leo Mock’s enigmatic seascapes, with their stylized shapes and bold lines, call forth the elusive vistas of the mind. Mock focuses the compositions on natural elements. His clouds, mountains and waves are interpreted according to a unique, personal mythology—each one takes on anthropomorphic form and resonates with a lyrical presence. The paintings function as emblematic dreamscapes that are not meant to be defined. Relying instead on the associative powers of the imagination, they lead to something beyond the visible.

“Mock’s output is thematically focused, and deeply developed... [A]bbreviated beach scenes, in which strips of dusky rose, sage green, maroon and jade define the land and the sea, while flat-bottomed clouds pile up pregnantly in the sky above. Compositions are simultaneously punctuated and pinned together by the pole-thin legs and feet of giant (and usually off-canvas) figures, sometimes flat on their backs and sometimes stooping over, as if Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures had been reimagined by Philip Guston.”

— Jonathan Griffin, Art Review, September 2019

Leo Mock (b. 1964, Los Angeles, CA) graduated from Art Center College of Design. His works have been exhibited at China Art Objects and M+B in Los Angeles. Recent press includes The New York Times and Art Review. Mock lives and works in Mérida, Mexico.


Website: www.mbart.com

Email: [email protected]

Leo Mock, installation view, Mérida, Mexico
Leo Mock, installation view, Mérida, Mexico
Leo Mock, installation view, Mérida, Mexico
Leo Mock studio, Mérida, Mexico