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On view in New York, NY

For NADA Miami 2020 Lubov presents paintings by Kevin Tobin from the “Teeth” and “American Princess” series ahead of his solo show at the gallery opening on March 2020, and drawings by Marlene Frontera.

American Princess is a series of satirical symbolist portraits of Ivanka Trump and Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks made between 2017 and 2019. These two women, real and fictional, are represented in a sinister and campy Electra complex allegory.

About the “Teeth” series, Tobin writes: “The mouth is a genderless and democratic orifice and the only gateway into our bodies with built in weapons. The mouth can scream, call for help, protest, or negotiate. In the event of paralyzing fear and entrapment, we bite involuntarily like animals. Teeth are not bone, they do not contain marrow and therefore do not produce red or white blood cells. Since teeth are 90 percent minerals, they are significantly stronger than bone, but cannot heal or regenerate once broken.”

Marlene Frontera presents small scale drawings drawn from memories, as well as careful observations of the city, in which abstracted but recognizable imagery evoke dreams or visions of a fleeting memory. Frontera creates intimate, familiar, domestic and urban settings in which she seeks to define a particular moment or event. Frontera states, “Through my drawings, real and imaginary events are expanded. I cannot describe my memories without transforming them into something else.”


Website: www.lubov.nyc

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