On view in Tokyo, Japan

Installation view of “Tangerine” by Reina Sugihara (left) and “two triangles” by Toru Otani (right)


imlabor is an artist-run project space and online publication in Tokyo, Japan.

For NADA Miami 2020, we present two Japanese artists Toru Otani and Reina Sugihara.

Toru Otani (b. 1988) is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Tokyo.
He uses the sandpapers, empty cigarette packages, and vintage maps that he found from internet auctions and DIY stores as a canvas. Those objects (canvas) were selected by the marks that somehow caught his attention. Using color pencils, he intends to erase excess elements and information that identify the marks' meanings. He says this process reminds him of the feeling when you see an abandoned billboard for a second while driving down a national road—somehow, you cannot get it out of your head.

You can have a look at Otani's recent solo presentation from this link below:

Reina Sugihara (b. 1988) is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Tokyo and London.

She primarily makes paintings that cannot be categorized as either figurative or abstract. According to the artist, her paintings are usually made over a long time; throughout repeating acts of painting and neglect, she attempts to recreate automatism artificially.

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Installation view of “Untitled” by Reina Sugihara (left) and “left hand” by Toru Otani (right)