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Curated by Milwaukee artist, educator and activist LaNia Sproles, the exhibition “I'll Make You Sorry” is a group show featuring the work of contemporary artists who demand to take part in the luxuries of pleasure. As part of her art practice, Sproles has been using her platform as an artist to raise money and awareness for social justice causes, such as backing Chrystul Kizer, BLM, and other organizations to support LGBTQ people of color. With “I'll Make You Sorry,” Sproles creates an opportunity for artists to promote social justice beyond exhibiting their artwork on a gallery wall.

“All the works in ‘I’ll Make You Sorry’ share the collective grief in revealing unrequited desires and that in itself is a form of protest,” Sproles said. “I also want this exhibition to be about building connections and community between the artists and organizations like The Butterfly Collective.”

This exhibition will function as a fundraiser at The Green Gallery in collaboration with The exhibition will be held virtually on Green Gallery's website from December 1–30, 2020. All funds raised from this exhibition will aid The Butterfly Collective, an organization serving BIPOC Transgender youth experiencing hardships within the greater Milwaukee area by providing safe social spaces, gender affirming care, financial means for living, self-defense classes and most importantly, a sense of community.

Included here is a selection of works from the show.



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