Derek Eller Gallery

On view in New York, NY

Installation view of Melissa Brown, "Problematic Sanctuary"


Established in 1997, Derek Eller Gallery is located on the Lower East Side in New York City.

We are pleased to present eight new works by artists who have had a gallery exhibition in 2020 (Jiha Moon, David Korty, Alyson Shotz, Melissa Brown) or will have one in 2021 (Jameson Green, Clare Grill, Austin Martin White, Julia Bland), thereby providing increased visibility during this challenging time. Artworks will be on view in both our main gallery and private viewing room.

Working with scissors and a loom, Julia Bland creates sewn, woven, burnt and dyed works which exist somewhere between painting and three-dimensional tapestry.

Melissa Brown utilizes a variety of techniques including screen printing, stencils, and spray paint on thin, flat surfaces to depict the transformation of familiar moments into surreal tableaux.

Jameson Green’s compositions are steeped in art history but filtered through a contemporary and personal lens, exploring aspects of the human condition like death, pain, and longing.

Clare Grill’s painting process revolves around an acute attention to surface detail and employs a layering technique which reveals colors and organic shapes at first not seen.

David Korty's recent paintings are both figurative and constructivist, and contain collaged elements beneath and above the surface of Flashe paint.

Layering traditional Asian-inspired porcelain painting with contemporary Western allusions, Jiha Moon's anthropomorphic ceramics speak to cultural displacement and miscommunication.

Alyson Shotz’s panels are comprised of folded and compressed recycled rubber bicycle inner tubes atop reflective copper grounds and continue her investigation of ineffable forces like gravity, space, light, and time.

Exploring the dual histories of the African diaspora and colonialism, Austin Martin White meditates on his personal experience of race within a European tradition of painting.



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Installation view of David Korty, "Dutch Totem #1"
Installation view of Jameson Green and Austin Martin White
Installation view of Julia Bland, Clare Grill, and Alyson Shotz
Installation view of Jiha Moon, "Peach Face Jug (Banana)"