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On view in Copenhagen, Denmark

Bonamatic is named after an industrial coffee machine that hangs wall-mounted in the exhibition space, and functions both as an object in dialogue with the exhibited artwork, and simply as a coffee machine for free use by passers-by in the local community. Bonamatic's curatorial practice is based on a materialistic philosophy. The crucial importance of the material for concepts such as the social, the subject and creativity, is brought into play in ways so the exhibitions are not so much a stage for personal expressions, but rather an operational field where transformations take place. Such materialistic perspective seems more obvious than ever in the current situation, where objective phenomena demonstrate their sudden and pervasive consequences for our everyday lives.

Whips, food, tools and office chairs, will join in a collage where relations between signs, function, form and affect raises questions about ownership, entropy, desire and meaning when encountering objects.

The booth will consist of works by Jørgen Fog, Kasper Hesselbjerg, Per Lunde Jørgensen, Kristine Kemp, Peter Kruse Larsen, along with the Bonamat Bravilor coffee machine.


Website: bonamatic.org

Email: [email protected]