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On view in Brussels, Belgium

Installation view: ‘4I14I26 degrees east’, Avenue Van Volxem 316, 1190 Forest, Brussels – All images courtesy the artists and © Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest & lítost, Prague

‘4 |14 | 26 degrees east’, brings works by eight artists together into a conversation in physical space. The exhibition explores the tacit nuances present within a variety of subjective languages, reflecting the origin and history of each individual participant.

‘4 |14 | 26 degrees east’
Avenue Van Volxem 316, 1190 Forest, Brussels

Dragos Badita, Radek Brousil, Oana Coşug, Larisa Crunteanu, Megan Dominescu, Valentýna Janů, Botond Keresztesi, Aurora Kiraly, Marie Lukáčová, Pavla Malinová, Rafał Zajko

Rafał Zajko’s sculptures combine man-made and natural materials to explore and mimic organic and technological systems, utilising symbols and mementoes from his Polish heritage, folklore and science fiction, while Botond Keresztesi’s paintings continue to crystalise into the fragmented realities of dream-like landscapes, remixing references from Art History, popular culture, virtual space, and everyday life. Marie Lukáčová’s films also look to mythology and storytelling, alongside references from science, pop culture and politics, to combine and create a mosaic-like portrait of an interconnected and intricate contemporary world. In synchronicity, the figures in Pavla Malinová’s paintings undergo constant metamorphoses, as if individual sections of their bodies meld materially together with their environment, according to mood, situation, the transforming relationships between them, and sensory perceptions. And, in Radek Brosil’s film, we find the main hero dressed in a half-dead fish costume wandering through a city and a country in a mental dialogue, speaking to a female hyper object about the end, shame, guilt and possibility to do something.

‘4 |14 | 26 degrees east’, is structured around a dialogue, not just between the artists and curators, but also with multiple audiences.

‘4 |14 | 26 degrees east’ is conceived as cooperation between Anca Poteasu Gallery Bucharest and lítost, Prague.


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