NADA House 2023


Installation view: Damali Abrams the Glitter Priestess presented by EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop

EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop will present three outdoor vinyl banners by Damali Abrams the Glitter Priestess. The works are reproduced from prints made during her 2019 fellowship, included collage, pronto plate lithography, and coffee dyed paper.

Abrams writes her collages are “combined text from the book ‘Metegee: The History and Culture of Guyana,’ written by Ovid S. Abrams, Sr., my father. Obeah Man refers to a person who performs spiritual work for others, including removing bad luck, and attracting love or employment, and fairmaids are the mermaid figures found in the dark waters of Guyana, South America.”



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