NADA House 2023


Installation view: Cornelius Tulloch presented by CUE Art Foundation, New York

“Tides: Spatial Memory of Being” is a site-specific installation by Cornelius Tulloch. The installation reimagines the porch space of Nolan Park House 18 by embedding within its railing fabric that depicts collaged scenes of Black and Caribbean domestic life. Screening in the porch space, Tulloch explores the notion of spatial memory within vernacular architecture. A montage of the artist’s archival family photos and imagery of ornamental ironwork are incorporated into the facade of the existing structure. The installation recontextualizes the lived experience of the porch space, and puts it into conversation with other cultural contexts.

“Tides” builds upon Tulloch’s ongoing practice that explores vernacular architecture to investigate cultural hybridity in tactile and sensory ways. The simple architectural language of the porch allows for a continual transformation. As the entryway to the home and a middle ground between the private interior and the public realm, the porch functions as a threshold between domestic experience and forms of cultural exchange that build community.



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