NADA House 2023


Installation view: Olivia Zubko presented by Cleaner Gallery + Projects, Chicago

Olivia Zubko’s sculptures thematically center around a domestic setting, using cast porcelain copies of fittings and fixtures as references to relationships between object and body in a private space. Generally, sculptures from this series exist as assemblages, compounding both familiar and vague elements from the bathroom, displayed as wall-hanging or freestanding units. As pastel-colored fragments merge and interact with one another, the more they relate to ones cumulative experience tied to daily ritual, personal intimacy, and self care. This work explores body-ownership between the public, private, familiar, distant, intimate, safe, unsafe, sterile, or emotional landscape we regularly navigate. Zubko simultaneously references the long history of depicting “bathers,” in art and mythology with an attention to humor.



Email: [email protected]