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Image of artwork titled "Parade for Harriet" by Antwoine Washington

Antwoine Washington, Parade for Harriet, 2022
oil, pigment stick, latex and charcoal on canvas
48 × 60 inches

Antwoine Washington’s art and community work is directed towards creative positive messages in black male culture. His paintings examine ways in which past issues affect the present, drawing on family relationships as the framework connecting joy and trauma. He is focused on speaking to the black community in ways that promote togetherness and hope in his art, to stimulate change that will affect future generations. He tells his stories simply in broad strokes, bright color and graphic form, allowing his messages to be deciphered from a distance. The select work is drawn from his recent “Panther” series, in which Kipling’s mythical panther, Bagheera, inhabits scenes of dreamed history and a positively inflected present as a symbol of an intelligent guardian of black culture.



Email: [email protected]