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Jennifer Levonian, Cinnamon, Thunderstorm, 2021
stop motion animation
Edition of 5

Jennifer Levonian’s cut-paper animations blend documentary and fictional elements to create situations in which the absurd, surreal, heartbreaking, and hilarious are perpetually in play. Explorations of the ambivalence and monotony of daily life, her stop-motion paintings transform things that commonly go unnoticed into bizarre and uncanny events. In "Cinnamon, Thunderstorm", Levonian investigates the space between cozy domesticity and unbridled wildness. After reading a magazine article titled “Six Tips for When You’re Dying Inside,” a woman holed up in her apartment follows the directive to “create a tranquil corner” in her home by lighting scented candles. The different smells combine and bestow her with magical powers.

Music: Corey Marc Fogel



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