NADA Curated: Reduction to Satire (Reductio ad Satura)

Image of artwork titled "OC10KMCPH#39" by Per Lunde Jørgensen
Image of artwork titled "OC10KMCPH#39" by Per Lunde Jørgensen

Per Lunde Jørgensen, OC10KMCPH#39, 2019
Upholstery and canvas on stretchers
75 × 75 × 1 inches

The series OC10KMCPH is based on upholstery fabrics from office chairs collected from private homes around Copenhagen. The upholstery is dismantled and seamlessly sewn into the canvas, creating a flat surface, and appearing as minimalist color field paintings empty of narrative pictorial content. The traces of wear and tear adds a new form of subjectivity that points to the former owner of the chair, and the transformation of these mass-produced objects raises questions about how subjectivity is formatted in a culture of prefabricated solutions and products. OC10KMCPH has a satirical dimension that questions (and mildly ridicules) some key myths of modernism, and at the same time a very concrete element of reduction turning a 3D object into a pictorial state, pointing to entropy and consumption.



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