Image of artwork titled "With what eyes #13" by Rodrigo Hernández

Rodrigo Hernández, With what eyes #13, 2023
hand-hammered stainless steel
15.8 × 19.5 × 0.8 inches


Rodrigo Hernández lives and works between Mexico City and Lisbon. In this body of work, Hernández draws upon a diverse array of influences, including behavioral and neuroscientific studies on animal sleep, the exotic animal trade industry during California’s Gold Rush in the 1800s, and the utilization of animals in scientific research.

Through hand-hammered panels, Hernández juxtaposes the solidity of steel sheets with the warmth of depicted moments, weaving together human figures and animals. Layering the metal sheets, the pieces transform into a sculptural installation, inviting viewers into a dreamscape where they can contemplate the cognitive and emotional experiences of nonhuman animals. In doing so, they are prompted to reflect on their own connection to the natural world, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings.



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