NADA Curated by Itzel Vargas Plata

Image of artwork titled "Reproduction: An Idea for Entering into the Realm of Beauty" by Ashkan Sanei

Ashkan Sanei, Reproduction: An Idea for Entering into the Realm of Beauty, 2022
found paper fragments mounted on cardboard
39.5 × 27.5 inches


By juxtaposing contrasting elements, both visually and thematically, Ashkan Sanei addresses global problems and explores the inherent contradictions within the human-nature relationship. For “Reproduction: an Idea for Entering into the Realm of Beauty” he has used recycled carbon paper sheets that he has collected from banks in Tehran. Sanei chose carbon paper because it contained traces of things written before that are no longer legible nor useful, shedding light on our overconsumption and the immense amount of waste generated by our society.

Being far away from the digitalized world, paper is still excessively used in banks and other palaces in Iran. This work speaks to the idea of repurposing and reimagining, transforming discarded materials into something new and meaningful, highlighting the pressing environmental challenges we face.



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