NADA Curated by Itzel Vargas Plata

Image of artwork titled "Recognition" by Marius von Brasch
Image of artwork titled "Recognition" by Marius von Brasch

Marius von Brasch, Recognition, 2017
Oil on canvas
28 × 45 inches

Marius von Brasch’s work embodies his complex engagement with the canvas as a multiplicity, mirroring the concept of multipolarity. His paintings, originating from the emotional resonance of a color or initial gestural forms, are influenced by Renaissance and Baroque works focused on identity and transformation. These ancient references, teeming with an evocative awareness of the almost violent knotting of truths, polarities, and paradoxes, inspire his perception of our intricate multipolar world. While the paintings may appear abstract, the artist dismisses a formal division between abstract and figurative. Figures and fragmented narratives in the paintings subtly echo ideological postures prevalent today.

As multipolar embodiments, the artist’s paintings resist easy resolution. They demand an infusion of energy, grief, and love - elements that could potentially incite transformation, balance, or destruction - an apt reflection of our dichotomous reality. These works of material alchemy, steeped in beauty, assert an affirmation of life, resonating with the exhibition’s vision of resistance, apocalyptic consciousness, and the unyielding hope for a better world.



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