NADA Curated by Itzel Vargas Plata

Image of artwork titled "Impermanence 50, Today" by Gustavo  Villegas

Gustavo Villegas, Impermanence 50, Today, 2021
Mixed experimental media on wooden panel
10.62 × 37.4 inches

Gustavo Villegas approaches architectural spaces as active containers of collective memory and as a reflection of human’s complex relationship to change. Reflecting on where we are, Gustavo Villegas brings to light the effects of polarization and capitalist greed by creating a language of loss, nostalgia, and disconcerting beauty of decay. The loss and destruction of spaces becomes a reference to collective memory and identity subject to constant change, expressing the mutability of matter. “The main focus of this series and my work in the last years is impermanence. Change is continuous, inevitable, and evident in every living and nonliving object,” notes Villegas.



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