NADA Curated by Itzel Vargas Plata

Image of artwork titled "Lorelle and Kristiana" by Natalie Ortiz

Natalie Ortiz, Lorelle and Kristiana, 2022
Oil on Canvas
40 × 30 × 0.5 inches

Natalie Jauregui Ortiz is a Mexican-American artist from the Bay Area who is based in New York City. Ortiz’s works are documentaries of people, sights, and oddities she sees and finds–particularly focusing on underrepresented communities. These works embrace the quirks of finding such sights in the Anthropocene–sights of trash, heavy-handed religion, remorse–and also of finding love, beauty, and community. On a burning planet surrounded by an apocalyptic climate, injustice, and polarization, this work honors the strength of persistent resistance and the possibility of hope.



Email: [email protected]