NADA Curated by Daonne Huff

Image of artwork titled "Fell in Love with a Scarecrow" by Kaylie Kaitschuck

Kaylie Kaitschuck, Fell in Love with a Scarecrow, 2022
yarn on felt stretched over wood stretcher bars
75 × 78 inches

With a background in fiber and textile design, Kaylie Kaitschuck’s vivid and imaginative work embraces a tension between highly stylized drawing, “low-brow” aesthetics, and meticulous construction.

“I was never good at puzzles. When I was younger, I had a way of rearranging and piecing toys together that weren’t made for each other. I am still that chaotic builder. I find joy in collaging random objects and feelings that overwhelm my past and present. I find comfort in the overstimulating, cushioned world I build myself.

The worlds I create are made for me and by me. I fill them with songs, animals, and dreams that have shaped my core memories. I grew up with an overactive imagination. It made my life filled with excitement and adventure. That escapism has stayed with me. I am spilling out the seams of stories reminiscent of worlds I have lived and worlds I dreamed of living.

I want this work to come to life. To show movement and aliveness. I remember the first time I realized, ‘I’ll never be this young again.’ You spend so much of your life wishing to be older. Then you wish to be younger. I’m focusing on being present. I stitch in the number of days I have been alive on each embroidery upon completion. The most recent one 9,800. I’m keeping track. Every day is worth celebrating. Today I am 9,818 days old. I look forward to making it my best 9,818th day ever.” –Kaylie Kaitschuck



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