NADA Curated by Daonne Huff

Kate Groobey, Films (single) Get Into My Rainbow, 2022
UHD video
Edition of 3 (with 2 artist proofs)

Kate Groobey works across painting, performance and film.

The performances see the paintings brought to life by Groobey, who dresses up as her characters in painted costumes, performing improvised dances in front of painted backdrops to music of her own creation.

“Get into my Rainbow” is part of Groobey’s “FEMALE STALLION” series and depicts her wife, the writer and poet Jina Khayyer, standing in the middle of a rainbow, inviting us: ‘Get into my Rainbow’.

When Groobey and Khayyer visited a waterfall in Yosemite National Park in America they found that the mist spray from the waterfall filled the whole area and when the sun shone through the trees it created a circular rainbow around your body. The idea of an enveloping rainbow stuck with Groobey, who was also attracted by the power of the rainbow as a symbol of happiness and childlike wonder, a path to prosperity (to a pot of gold), and a queer symbol.


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