NADA Curated by Catherine Taft

Zoë Marden, Becoming Creature, 2022
single-channel video, colour, sound
Ed 1/5 + 2AP

The multidisciplinary work "Becoming Creature" begins by looking at the mythologies of subaquatic creatures like mermaids, sirens, selkies and the Lo Ting. The Lo Ting is a mer-creature and the alleged ancestor of the people of Hong Kong. This mythological creature re-imagines a future for Hong Kong, questioning the multiplicity of its colonial history and how it is narrated and created. The figure of the mermaid blurs the boundaries between women and fish, femininity and ferocity, land and sea, human and other. They appear in stories as a creature that is neither here nor there, neither human nor fish. A gender-fluid figure for the queer imagination.

Concerned with Posthuman feminisms and where they overlap with the postcolonial, "Becoming Creature" is an investigation into the transformative and connective power of water. It is a direct challenge to the concept of us being discreet individuals and instead opens up the endless potential of interconnectivity that goes beyond the human. The work explores watery embodiment, helping us to expand outside the constraints of sex and gender, allowing us to swim in queerer waters.

Presented by Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing & London.



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