December 4, 2020, 6:30pm
In Conversation with Lotte Andersen
 Lotte Andersen, <em>Untitled and indistinguishable relics</em>, 2020, Digital rendering

Lotte Andersen, Untitled and indistinguishable relics, 2020, Digital rendering

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Join Lotte Andersen, in conversation with curator Silvana Lagos and gallerist Claudia Pareja for a walk-through of her project It's not you, it's me. It’s complicated, on view at Ginsberg.

Currently based in Lima, the British interdisciplinary artist invites viewers to engage and expand on themes and codes embedded in her investigation. Having produced all of the work on show at NADA Miami in Lima during the recent coup d’etat, Andersen will discuss her experience of working away from home against the backdrop of this watershed year. Using parallels between the political instability in post-Brexit England and the ever present ripples of post-colonialism, the talk will touch on the recent political upheaval in Peru in conjunction with ideas on the fall of empire, popular culture and the choreography of nostalgic collapsing relics. A humbling reminder that potential is often born from chaos.