December 8, 2023, 11:30am
Art, People, Skate
NADA Miami
Ice Palace
Depending on who you ask, skateboarding is a highly coded ephemeral art, or a highly undesirable social nuisance–that or it rests somewhere between the polarizing significance of these opposite possible interpretations. But, no matter which side of the divide you fall on one thing is always true: skateboarding is undeniable and unrivaled in its capacity to create immediacy by disrupting the intended order of architecture and public planning–and that is a powerful premise for any artist.

So what happens when the decision-makers of society build architecture specifically for skateboarding, and start planning cities with skateboarding in mind? Is it an indication that society is changing? Is it an indication that skateboard culture is changing?

This panel invites some of the people shaping this conversation to explore what is happening, what is possible, and what is coming next as social order and skateboarding strike a balance in public spaces. 

Presented by Skate Bud