Recommended Viewing

Recommended Viewing is a new feature on in which a NADA Member lists their favorite Member exhibitions currently on view.

In the third edition, Kayoko Yuki shares exhibitions from Bodega, DOCUMENT, Agustina Ferreyra, Lulu, and Misako & Rosen.

Founded in 2011, KAYOKOYUKI is an art gallery based in Tokyo. The gallery was first established at the owner’s home office, organizing and curating exhibitions in alternative spaces and galleries in Japan. In 2015, they opened their first gallery space in Komagome Tokyo. KAYOKOYUKI joined NADA as a Gallery Member in 2017. Their current exhibition, Hikaru Suzuki, “MONTAGE,” presents a new video work by the artist, on view February 10th.

Yui Yaegashi: Summer Through Winter
Misako & Rosen, Tokyo Through February 18th

Image: Yui Yaegashi, Lx2, 2017, oil on canvas, 22.2 x 14cm each

The Lulennial II: A Low-Hanging Fruit
Lulu, Mexico City
Through April 1st

Image: Gabriel Sierra, Untitled (Support for mathematics lesson), 2007

Ad Minoliti: Playground 2.0 CDMX
Galeria Agustina Ferreyra, Mexico City
Through March 31st

Image: Installation view of Ad Minoliti

Mary Helena Clark
Document, Chicago
Through February 17th

Image: Installation view of Mary Helena Clark

Hayley Silverman: Entering Heaven Alive
Bodega, NY
Through February 18th

Image: Installation view of Hayley Silverman