Jeffrey Rosen's Favorite Artworks from NADA New York 2022

Jeffrey Rosen of MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo shares his favorite artworks from NADA New York 2022.
HAIR+NAILS, Minneapolis
Rachel Youn, Untitled from Gather/Underparty 02, 2020

Rachel Youn's kinetic sculptures distill and embody the environmental energy created by their larger installations; artifice through and through, the objects nonetheless manage to channel motion, achieving a surprisingly organic quality.

Lina Puerta, Highness, 2011

One aspect of Lina Puerta's practice involves the creation of seemingly self-contained, organic environments. Stand-ins for both discrete bodies and more macro- worlds, these garish, tactile and graspable sculptures have an inside-out quality that invites reflection.

P.A.D., New York
Various Artists, München Monopoly Present by Galerie Christine Mayer for Various Others, 2021

P.A.D. (Project Art Distribution) nearly perfectly embodies the type of approach to contemporary art production and distribution that an organization such as NADA was founded to support; the present instantiation focusing on three highly independent curatorial / publishing projects.

Meliksetian | Briggs, Los Angeles
Alex Heilbron, Sentimental Autonomic Co-ordinator, 2021

The paintings of Alex Heilbron simultaneously suggest structure and rupture; a programmed object disentangling itself from overdetermination and the emergence of highly personable painting.

Gaa Gallery, New York
Emily Yong Beck, Garfield pot, 2022

Emily Yong Beck's physically gnarly ceramics are balanced—or complicated—by her use of the disarming imagery of popular cartoons; literal vessels, any clear content embodied by these works remains as inaccessible as they, as objects, remain largely untouchable.