Adam D. Miller's Favorite Artworks from NADA New York 2022

Adm D. Miller of The Pit shares some of his favorite artworks from NADA New York 2022. 
Wells Chandler, Christina, 2022

Wells Chandler uses crochet, embroidery, and drawing to explore ideas of ecology, community, and gender / queer iconography in a playful, and fully engaging manner. I love artist practices that engage with the history of craft and the intersections of fine art, and personal expression and Chandler’s pieces check all the boxes for me. Plus, how could anyone not love a psychedelic turtle fiber artwork titled “Christina”?! Perfection.

Emma Gray HQ, Los Angeles
Leena Similu, Watchers, 2022

Emma Gray has titled her presentation for NADA NYC as Vision Keepers, a fitting title. The ceramic works of Leena Similu explore the artist’s Cameroonian heritage with haunting mask-like faces on her wheel turned vessels, sometimes adorning them with family or cultural relics such as beaded items or feathers, and keepsakes that have been sent from her aunt in Cameroon. I love these ceramics.

Shrine, New York
Bessie Harvey, King Zenee, 1983

The carved works of self taught artist Bessie Harvey presented by one of my favorite galleries, Shrine, are a knockout. I wasn’t familiar with the artist prior to viewing the gallery’s presentation but am glad I am aware now. The artist created sculptures using found materials as an escape from the rigors of daily life. According to the gallery’s materials the artist would mediate during the creative process and viewed art making as a mode of communion with god. Powerful works.

Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles
Maria A. Guzmán Capron, Ayer, Mañana, 2022

Again, I’m a sucker for fabric based works that deal with the intersections of fine art and craft, and Maria Guzman’s works are stellar. I love the abundance of pattern and color that create her striking bodily forms. The gallery’s materials tell me that the artists’s tapestries are rooted in her background as an immigrant, born in Milan to Colombian and Peruvian parents, later relocating to Texas. The works explore class, gender, and identity. These are fantastic! Plus, some of the nicest people in the art world work at this gallery. Check them out!