NADA Collection

The NADA Collection, initiated in 2017, directly supports NADA’s constituency of galleries and alternative spaces by purchasing works, and reflects the diverse range of artists that exhibit with NADA galleries.

In addition to membership, fairs, and programming; the NADA Collection is an integral component to our mission as the definitive non-profit organization dedicated to the cultivation, support, and advancement of new and relevant voices in contemporary art.


At NADA Miami 2018, NADA acquired Jacqueline De Jong’s “Happy Nights of Dolwen de Bretagne,” 2017 exhibited by Dürst Britt & Mayhew of The Hague, Netherlands.

Jacqueline de Jong, born in the Netherlands in 1939, is revered for founding, editing and publishing The Situationist Times in the 1960s, and is well known for her longterm collaboration with Asger Jorn and the legacy of the Cobra movement. De Jong’s publishing, painting, and sculpture endeavors have spanned over five decades, and her artistic practice is as vital, provocative, and contradictory as ever.

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