International Gallery Prize, Miami 2018

Anton Vidokle, <em>Citizens of the Cosmos</em>, 2018.

Anton Vidokle, Citizens of the Cosmos, 2018.

ASAKUSA, Tokyo was one of two galleries to receive the NADA International Gallery Prize at NADA Miami 2018. As a recipient, the gallery is invited to participate in the fair for the first time in a sponsored booth.

At NADA Miami, ASAKUSA will present new works by Russian artist Anton Vidokle and Mexican artist Yoshua Okón. ASAKUSA was established to promote curatorial collaboration and interdisciplinary practice across borders, and the exhibition speaks to the mission of the space, exploring different geographical locations and cultural influences as a direct response to the concept of “internationality” imbued within the prize motto. Vidokle will present “Citizens of the Cosmos” (2018), a set of 18 storyboards for his new Cosmist film, and Okón will exhibit his new video installation that addresses Tokyo’s ongoing problem of household waste and growing environmental concerns.

“ASAKUSA is a platform for collaborative projects, and we are always eager to meet more individuals to work with,” said Koichiro Osaka, Founder and Director of ASAKUSA. “I hope through this award, we meet many creative people with whom we can form a relationship for future prospects.”